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Serotonin in the Making.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Behind the journey of our newest bikini, the Serotonin Set.

My inspiration for the Serotonin set was fuelled by my own pursuit of happiness. I felt the need to put out a physical reminder of postivity into the world I live in. I intently created a smiley face printed bikini in hopes of reminding other humans to stay on track of their self love journey.

This is the first bikini on Swimbyceline that was locally sourced and made here in Vancouver, BC. I’ve been wanting to learn the process of piecing together one of my designs locally for a while. For me this was the perfect pandemic project as business slowed down. The process was tough. I thought it would be effortless to group together like minded creators, but the opposite happened. Every single bridge was burned after the Serotonin set was completed.

I had to constantly remind myself that good things take time. I had to remind myself of why I decided to embark on this journey. When I first had the idea to create a bikini with the intention of spreading awareness of the importance of a positive mindset, I had a super positive mindset myself. To me it’s so ironic that the process of creating the Serotonin bikini knocked off my rose coloured glasses, that I used to viewed the world. The process made me question my purpose and my ability to run a business on my own.

This process was a struggle but I am super happy with the outcome of lessons learned and of the suit. From the stretchy seersucker like fabric, to the size of the smiley faces on the pattern . I love seeing my vision come to life, Its my favourite part of my job! I learned a lot about my self creating this bikini. I never really knew how much Swimbyceline meant to me until I had to endure struggle with the business. I feel like the struggle we face creating something we are passionate about is a silent and lonely journey,it can generate an intense confusing and self loathing feeling. From this journey I took away that roadblocks are real and you can either stop at the obstacle or jump over it. I went through four seamstresses that raised my hopes and crushed them, I lost some money and I lost all belief in myself. Going over hurdles can be frightening when you are on a creative journey alone. This is where believing in yourself and having trust in yourself comes in. We are all capable of creating anything! We need to harbour trust in ourselves and use it to catapult ourselves up the gadgety mountain right to the waving flag that screams success at the top.

When the Serotonin set was finally created I had a photoshoot with Jasmine & Jamie <3 (photos below) When I saw the suit on her I felt so complete! My vision was now in the physical world. But my outlook on life had totally changed, I was no longer super positive. I now thought that the world was basically evil and against me, due to the stuggles I faced while creating it. I felt kind of weird putting out a reminder to be an optimist. But not to worry y”all after reflection of my creative journey I realized I am so lucky to even go through ups and DOWNS on my path to my authentic purpose. At the end of the day the Serotonin set is on and ready to be worn! My optimist mindset is back and I hope that YOU are able to believe in your vision and yourself. I am currently coming out of creative burnout so more to come on swimbyceline soon!!!


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